Taiji Bailong Ball Association is holding the 4th Internationale Taiji Bailong Ball coaches training class together with Professor Bai Rong and 4th European Taiji Bailong Ball coaches training class under the Laoshan Centre China’s support.

The aim of two weeks training class is to train the first high-quality coaches (Trainer). After training, they will instead of Prof. Bairong, to develop TBB activity together with Taiji Bailong Ball Association.

Die Instructors of the TBBA e.V. are at the moment:

Trainer's certificate sample This training class will bring the good foundations for the coaches whom want to later upgrading. After getting intermediate or professional grade, the coaches will train other players under Prof. Bairong and Taiji Bailong Ball Association.

The previous Taiji Bailong Ball coaches training classes in 2005-2009 have been proved that if people want to reach a high-level coach, and to develop the Taiji Bailong Ball in the future, we need a intensive training. Each individual person must improve self-ability, and to reach the fixed standard, therefore the trainers can teach others; and of course all trainers have to be advised and corrected by the professional coaches. Through all coaches and trainers strive for the TBB, this activity has been approved, and loved by people in all over the Europe.

There are three grades for Taiji Bailong Ball trainer:

  • Grade I: assistant
  • Grade II: trainer
  • Grade III: instructor

After upgrade one level, you will skilled more kinds of techniques, the philosophy of Taiji and thinking. The training class for this time will train the preparation and primary with empty hand, holding the racket, the techniques of holding the racket, Taiji theory, and Taiji movements. The emphasis of this training is to train the single players for self-players, or for doubles, and more people play as a team. Through the graduation exam, every people will get the certification, to prove that you or other people have the ability to teach or lead other players for playing TBB. Instructor's certificate sample

After an 80 hours lesson, the participants may take part at the exams, in which the skills in Standard-forms, Soloplay-Freestyle and Multiplay-Techniques will be proofed by Prof. Bai Rong. If you passes the exams, the will be handed a certificate/diploma of Prof. Bai Rong and the Taiji Bailong Ball Association e.V., which is the licence for you to train TBB.

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